Zach Bryan Brings Shane Gillis On Stage For “Revival,” & All Is Right In The World


Wow, talk about a power duo.

With the Super Bowl, excuse me, the Big Game happening tomorrow, Vegas has been absolutely buzzing as fans and celebrities alike descend on Sin City with only a few things on their minds: Football, booze, and good times.

Part of the weekend festivities leading up to the game was a Bud Light Backyard Tour event at the Cosmopolitan Hotel which featured performances by Leon Bridges and the one and only Zach Bryan. and it looked like an absolutely rowdy time in the 3,000 person venue.

We saw earlier that Zach paid tribute to the late, great Toby Keith by playing his all-time fan favorite “Courtesy Of The Red White And Blue” but there’s a video that’s blowing up the internet right now of a special guest he brought on stage to join in for the now iconic “Revival” encore performance that closes all of his shows.

The one and only Shane Gillis bumbled his way on stage and somehow looked like he was having a blast and was completely uncomfortable at the same time, but that didn’t stop him from grabbing the mic to sing-shout the line that makes everyone lose their voice and minds at the end of the night.

“Baptize me in a bottle of Beam, put Johnny on the vinyl”

@ma_1011_ Bot the duo we asked for, but the duo we needed @Zach Bryan #budlight #shanegillis ♬ original sound – Mariah

And just like that, all wars have stopped, political tensions have eased, forgiveness has been given, and the world is completely at peace.

The New York subways are calm, fights have ceased on all Waffle House properties, and flights will no longer be delayed.

Crazy that all it took was 10 seconds of Shane Gillis on stage with Zach Bryan.

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