New Release Review –  THE AMERICAN RELICS “We’ve Got To Start It All Again”

New Release Review – THE AMERICAN RELICS “We’ve Got To Start It All Again”


BOOM! THE AMERICAN RELICS hit it out of the park with their new release “We’ve Got To Start It All Again.” Frontman John Gitano created a sensation of lyrics both message driven and meaningful and brilliant along the way. Although their other hit releases “The Eyes of 1969” and “My Impala” were huge YouTube success stories, “We’ve Got To Start It All Again” has enormous commercial teeth and is already being heard on KISS FM and other major radio stations throughout the country (along with “The Eyes of 1969”).

The faction composed of world class musicians including Adrienne Dugger, Neal Lazar, Patti Jarman, Nelson Montana, Joni Ernst and of course founder John Gitano. They were all influenced by music of the past, however, although their songs have that nostalgic flavor they are musically relevant enough to be enjoyed in the present as well as the future. Each of the band members have been perfecting their craft for a lifetime including internationally known opera superstar Adrienne Dugger turned rock star.

THE AMERICAN RELICS will be taking their hits and performing them live on April 12th, 2024  at New York’s trending, prime night spot Chelsea Table & Stage (152 West 26th Street).

“We’ve Got To Start It All Again” is a struggle of human everyday romance that fits into a kaleidoscopic masquerade and a muddying carousel of fate and destiny. We always say live for today but what keeps us up at night is knowing that tomorrow is roaring down on us like a tsunami and some of us haven’t learned to swim…..

Watch the “We’ve Got To Start It All Again”  by THE AMERICAN RELICS here:

The official website for THE AMERICAN RELICS may be found at

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