Marcus King Shines On Acoustic Version Of “F My Life Up Again”


Marcus King is stripping it back.

Mood Swings‘ release is on the horizon for Marcus King, and leading up to the release of the album, listeners have enjoyed the two singles releases thus far, the title track and “F*** My Life Up Again.” Both tracks dive into the raw emotions of being in the wrong relationship while also struggling with substance abuse.

Sonically, both of these are different from the rip-roaring guitar-slinging southern rock tracks we are used to from King, but it’s a refreshing change of pace. King is getting back to the space he is most comfortable… behind a guitar for a stellar acoustic version of “F*** My Life Up Again.”

The “F*** My Life Up Again (Shangri-La Sessions)” video is shot in a vampy dark red-lit corner with the soft sound of rain in the background.

We recorded this at Rick’s chapel in Malibu. It all felt very befitting of the album – playing these songs stripped down & raw on a dismal afternoon by the ocean – the waves crashing almost in rhythm with the heartbeat of the music.”

This version of the song is beautiful. It strips away the Rick Ruben production and allows listeners to hear the strums of an acoustic guitar combined with the stellar vocals of King. The lyrics from a broken man sting a little more as each word strikes the microphone.

“The problem’s always me
It’s just taken years for me to see
You didn’t call again last night
Maybe I’m just not worth the fight
I swear to God you saved my life
I swear to God that I won’t let you down twice…”

If the studio cut of the single was not your cup of tea, give this one a whirl. You will be pleasantly surprised to hear the lyrics in a new light as the vulnerable undertones shine bright with a light melody.

Hearing “F*** My Life Up Again” continues to grow the excitement of what is in store for the rest of this project.

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