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Shane Gillis did not hold back the comedy punches during his hosting stint on “Saturday Night Live.”

Gillis, who has done a Trump impression in his own material in the past, joined a small group of people who have acted as the former president at Studio 8H.

In a hilarious sketch set as a movie trailer for “White Men Can Trump” brought to you by “Newsmax Studios,” Gillis begins as a normal guy named Gordon Preyer who “can’t catch a break.” But then, he is gifted a pair of Trump’s newly unveiled $399 Trump-branded sneakers by the former president himself, and everything changes.

Gillis’ character puts the sneakers on and heads to the basketball court, where he tries to make a shot, but misses badly.

However, Gillis’ character suddenly transforms into the former president, allowing him to embrace the theory that “winning is a state of mind.”

“I didn’t miss, it went in,” Gillis as Trump tells the others on the court.

Gillis as Preyer goes on to explain the shoes “powers” to a friend later in the sketch.

“They give me the power to say I’m good at basketball,” Gillis as Preyer said. “And then double-down on that until people actually start to believe it.”

In another scene, Preyer goes to bed next to his wife and says, “Wow, that was the most fantastic love making we’ve ever had.”

His wife says “not really” before Gillis as Trump interrupts and says “two hours, that was a two hour love sesh. You had a big ‘oh’ in there. A very big ‘oh.'”

And in another scene, Gillis’ character stands on a scale, which reads 254.6 pounds, but Gillis’ Trump says the machine should read 170 pounds, which it then complies with.

Gillis’ character, now described as a “brand new man,” is eventually visited by another Trump, played by “SNL” cast member James Austin Johnson.

“Nice shoes. Well, you know, in many ways, the real magic has been inside of you all along,” Johnson as Trump tells Gillis’ Trump.

To which Gillis’ Trump replies:

“Wrong. It comes from the shoes. And you are coming off very stupid, and frankly, quite rude walking in here like this.”

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