7 Best Razors for a Close Shave: Stay Smooth in 2024


The best razors are sharp, slick, and will give you the face-taming results you, well, actually want.

If you’re the type of fella who likes the classic clean-shaven look, you should choose your razor carefully. There are products out there that will give you the smoothest shave possible while keeping your skin fresh, soft, and irritation-free.

The best razors for a close shave will not only help you achieve that cleanly shorn movie star quality aesthetic without the burns or rashes, but they will also make the grooming process a piece of cake (even for first-time shavers).

Although so many razors out there promise to deliver the face-taming goods, not all of them are made equal. That’s where I come in.

I’ve created a shortlist of the best razors for a close shave on the market right now. So, work your way through this list—and take your pick.

Key Takeaways

Like any men’s grooming product, knowing your shaving preferences is essential before you commit to a close shave razor product.

To create a list that’s objective, well-rounded, and suits every type of shaver, I talked to industry professionals and conducted extensive web research.

I discovered that when you’re looking for your perfect close shave companion, you should consider your ideal razor type, the materials used, and the dimensions.

In summary, my overall pick among the best razors for a close shave was the mighty Gillette Labs Gold Edition. I also found that The Emperor by Viking’s Blade is the best product for everyday use. Oh, and if you’re looking for a straight razor that delivers the close shave goods, you can’t go wrong with the Level 3 from Milly Razor.

the level 3 milly razor
lv3pro / Instagram

First among the best razors for a close shave: Gillette Labs Gold Edition

Why it’s great: My top pick of the best razors for a close shave, the Gillette Labs Gold Edition boasts a smooth exfoliating bar and offers a smooth, even finish with minimal effort. In addition to its high-quality blades, flexible head, and reasonable price point, the Gillette Labs Gold Edition removes dirt and debris with every stroke. The intuitive, easy-grip handle suits every kind of shaver for a close shave without irritation. Oh, and as an added bonus, this epic close shave razor also comes with a lifetime warranty and a handy travel case.

Who is this for? As a real all-rounder, this accessible razor is perfect for first-time shavers, experienced groomers, and those who travel. It’s cool, compact, and always gets the job done.

Flaw but not a deal-breaker: Some fellas might benefit from a slightly shorter razor handle for even more control.

Type: Cartridge razor | Length: 189.9 mm  | Handle style: Straight with grip | Material: Stainless steel

Level 3 Milly Razor

Why it’s great: If you’re partial to a traditional straight razor-close shave, this tidy little number from Milly might be your dream razor. A slimline take on the traditional straight (aka. cutthroat) razor, this modern beauty boasts a sharp yet forgiving blade that’s designed for reliable regular use. It’s also simple to sharpen. It’s perfectly proportioned and sports an angular, easy grip design that makes getting into your facial grooves a breeze (if you’ve got the right level of shaving experience).

Who is it for? This cutthroat close shave razor is ideal for experienced groomers with the skills and dexterity to make the most of this classic yet contemporary design.

Flaw but not a deal-breaker: This might be a little tricky for shaving newbies, but everyone has to start somewhere, right?

Type: Straight/cut throat razor | Length: 201.9 mm  | Handle style: Straight/curved | Material: Sustainable metal

BULIMICA Safety Razor

Why it’s great: As my budget pick among the best razors for a close shave, the shimmering BULIMICA is a sight to behold. It’s a safety razor that offers a smooth shave that is as clean as it is flawless (especially when you consider the wallet-friendly price tag). This is a best-selling close-shave safety razor for a very good reason. In addition to its smoldering good looks, the razor’s platinum-coating grip makes for a controlled shaving experience that cuts close without the threat of cuts, blemishes, or rashes. The well-proportioned handle is also perfect for shaving novices looking for a classic close shave razor, and its easy-change closed comb razor head is a joy to use.

Who is this for? This is a winner for older gents with slightly shaky hands as well as those new to the wet shaving game. It’s also perfect for any kind of shaver who prefers grooming products that are more classic than contemporary.

Flaw but not a deal-breaker: If you’re looking for something with a flexible head, this probably isn’t the one for you.

Type: Safety razor | Length: 103.1 mm  | Handle style: Straight | Material: Platinum and Stainless steel


Gillette Labs Heated Edition

Why it’s great: If you’re looking for a luxury splurge that will give you plenty of face-taming bang for your buck, this heated version of the Gillette Labs Gold Edition will seriously float your boat. As well as boasting all of the Gold Lab’s top-quality close shave razor features, this incredible innovation is equipped with a battery-powered heat strip for that traditional hot towel grooming sensation. The design is perfect for every type of shaver imaginable, and the heat feature will leave your skin feeling fresh, smooth, and ready for the day (or night) ahead.

Who is it for? This epic heated close shave razor offers every kind of shaver an experience and finish to remember. It’s also a great option for fellas prone to drier skin, as the heat will liven up the pores and work wonders with the right shaving cream and moisturizer.

Flaw but not a deal-breaker: If you’re more of a no-frills kind of guy when it comes to this stuff, it’s safe to say this might not be the close shave razor for you.

Type: Cartridge razor | Length: 109.4 mm  | Handle style: Straight with grip | Material: Stainless steel and aluminum

Gillette Labs Heated Edition

Why it’s great: As one of Amazon’s best-selling men’s grooming products, this simple yet effective close shave razor is easy to use and boasts a clean, tight shave that stacks up with some of the slightly more lavish products on my list. The razor’s multi-axis head makes it easy to glide across the contours of your neck and jaw, while the five-blade design boasts a silky smooth finish. As an added bonus, you can change cartridges in seconds, and each head comes complete with a vitamin E-fortified strip that hydrates as well as nourishes the skin. All of that makes this a worthy addition to the ranks of the best razors for a close shave.

Who is it for? This is perfect for fellas partial to an easy-grip cartridge razor. It’s also a solid option for guys with sensitive skin that’s likely to crack or flare up when shaving.

Flaw but not a deal-breaker: Although this is made ethically, if you’re looking for a more sustainable close shave razor, other items on my list might suit better.

Type: Cartridge razor | Length: 168.4 mm  | Handle style: Straight with grip | Material: Stainless steel, plastic, rubber

The Emperor by Viking’s Blade

Why it’s great: Another fine addition to my best razors for a close shave shortlist, this gleaming face tamer from Viking’s Blade is perfect for reliable everyday use. Outstanding aesthetics and sturdy deep grooved easy grip handle aside, this epic safety razor handles like an F1 car, offering a smooth, even shave. It also boasts a quick twist-based blade changing system and a rattling-end tip that reduces the build-up of shaving scum and debris. It’s durable and reliable and fits neatly into a toiletry bag – a perfect close shave razor for everyday use.

Who is it for? This is perfect for the most discerning types of groomer, the kind with a cool haircut and a wardrobe to boot. If you want to rock that clean-shaven look consistently with less fuss and more style, this is the safety razor for you.

Flaw but not a deal-breaker: This product is hard to fault. But if you’re not a fan of classic safety-style razors, this isn’t for you.

Type: Safety razor | Length: 134.8 mm  | Handle style: Straight with grip | Material: Frosted chrome

Zomchi Bamboo Handle Close Shave Razor

Why it’s great: This bamboo-based beauty of a close shave razor from zomchi is hands down my top pick for best sustainable razor for a close shave. This 100% sustainable zero waste safety-style razor, complete with a robust bamboo handle, makes achieving a close shave and styled sideburns a breeze. The blades are light yet effective, and the close comb head is not only built to last but is also exceptionally kind to the skin.  It’s a quality product that gets the job done while being kind to the planet.

Who is it for? This razor is perfect for eco-conscious shavers and guys with slightly bigger, chunkier hands. The handle will empower you to grip tight and take charge in a few single strokes.

Flaw but not a deal-breaker: This handle might be a little too chunky for guys with small, nimble hands.

Type: Eco safety razor | Length: 115 mm  | Handle style: Straight yet rounded | Material: Bamboo

The Emperors Vikings Blade
vikingsblade / Instagram

Buying Considerations for The Best Razors for a Close Shave


When it comes to choosing the best close shave razor for your needs, type or style counts.

Close shave razors come in a few distinct styles…

  • Straight:  Also known as cutthroats, straight razors aren’t made exclusively for Sweeney Todd. No, they sport a traditional handheld barbershop design and offer a perfectly smooth shave if you have the grooming experience or dexterity to use them properly.
  • Safety: Safety razors, or double-edged razors, are easy to use and glide across the skin, offering a close shave that is smooth and, well…safe. These are great for first-time shavers and fellas with sensitive skin.
  • Cartridge: The ever-popular cartridge razor is as accessible as it is flexible. Most cartridge razors come with changeable heads and have a hinge that allows the blade to move with the contours of your neck or face. It’s a real all-rounder of a close shave razor.

So, when choosing a close shave razor, consider your personal needs as well as preferences.

Material Composition

The materials of your potential close shave razor are another thing to consider when choosing the perfect face-taming product for your needs.

When you’re creating your best close shave razor shortlist, you should look at the materials each product is made with and make sure they’re safe, sustainable, and high-quality.

Tip: The best razors for a close shave will be made with metals like coated or stainless steel, as well as sustainable materials like bamboo, wood, and recycled plastic. Look out for these materials, and you’ll be golden.

Handle style and length

Last but certainly not least, when it comes to choosing the best razors for a close shave, handle style and length matter.

If you’re new to shaving and you need a little more control, going for a gripped or curved ‘ergonomic’ handle is your best bet. A shorter handle length will suit, too.

On the flip side, if you’re a slightly more experienced shaver looking for a close shave razor style that really stands out, a longer straight-handled razor will give you the grooming scope you need to succeed.

man holding a razor by gillette labs
gadgetsboy / Instagram

How We Choose These Products

To craft my best close shave razor shortlist, I used my personal expertise as an experienced men’s grooming writer. Using a balanced mix of existing knowledge, professional connections, and extensive web research (much like I did with my sensitive skin razor shortlist), I compared the best razors for a close shave on the market to showcase products that suit every kind of shaver. The top picks were all considered for brand reputation, value, and, of course, blade quality.

Brand Reputation: I prioritized close shave razors from brands known for their quality and innovation in men’s grooming, reflecting a commitment to excellence.

Value for Money: Affordability without compromising on quality was key. My selections for the best razors for a close shave offer the best balance between cost and performance, catering to a wide range of budgets.

Blade Quality: I sought close shave razors with sharp, durable blades that promise a close, smooth shave without causing irritation or nicks.

Why You Should Trust Us

At FashionBeans, our commitment to excellence in grooming and fashion advice is backed by meticulous research and personal testing. Dan, our seasoned writer, has established himself as an authority in the grooming space, blending his keen eye for detail with a passion for delivering content that resonates with our audience. His expertise is not just confined to one aspect of grooming; it spans across various categories, from razors and trimmers to skincare essentials, ensuring our readers receive well-rounded guidance.

Dan’s in-depth articles on the best Merkur razors and zero-gap trimmers are prime examples of his dedication. He dives into the specifics of each product, from handle length to blade settings, offering readers a comprehensive understanding of what makes each razor or trimmer stand out. His advice is tailored to meet the needs of a diverse readership, considering different skin types and grooming preferences.

In trusting us, you’re not just getting recommendations; you’re gaining access to a wealth of knowledge carefully curated by experts who test, compare, and analyze products to ensure you’re introduced to only the best in grooming and style. Our goal is to empower you with information that enhances your grooming routine, making Dan’s articles an indispensable resource for anyone looking to elevate their grooming game.

Final Verdict

As a solid all-rounder with smoldering looks, quality blades, and an accessible design to boot, the Gillette Labs Gold Edition is my top pick among the best razors for a close shave.

But, though this one came out on top, every single close shave razor on this list has been picked for its durability, reliability, and excellent results. So, consider your grooming needs, browse back through the list, and take your pick.


    • The best types of razors for a clean shave are crafted with quality products and made by reputable brands. A good ergonomic design is also essential, as it will help you work around the contours of your face.

      • To get the perfect clean shave (or as close as possible), you should lightly wet your face and apply a quality gel or cream before using your razor.


        You should use a quality razor designed to offer a clean, close shave and work with the grain as methodically as possible. Going over the entire facial area with your razor a second time will ensure you get any stray bits of stubble and end up with a face as smooth as an ice rink.

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