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For the 2nd consecutive week, “Crazy-Trap” — among the freshest releases from pop sensation Alya Michelson (“Alya”) — sits securely at #1 on iTunes dance charts. Produced by Tim Carmon and distributed by the BMG label, the high-voltage remix boasts nearly 150,000 YouTube views… and climbing.

The rhythmic trap-inspired remix is built on the solid foundation of Alya’s “Crazy” song which dropped on August 25th of last year. The original YouTube video garnered over 1.5M views, prompting the artist to develop a curated selection of remixes that were recently released on January 26th.

Overlaid by the head-nodding hypnotic synth beats and syncopated triplet flow that popularized the trap music genre, “Crazy-Trap” taps into the artist’s wider imagination on a pulse-pounding ride of iridescent color and audacious movement. Described by fans as “stunning,” “mesmerizing,” and “futuristic,” the video captures a deeper thematic exploration of the bond between AI and humans — one that, on the surface, feels divergent from the song’s lyrical elements.

Scratch beneath this surface, (in the original video) the viewer encounters an invitation to examine the subtle intricacies of our collective relationship with technology. Alya’s enchanting soprano laments, “I’ll never have you like I want.” In stark illustration, the visual arc speaks to an emotional longing that can never be fully satisfied with a device as its intermediary.

Throughout the ballad, the lines between physical presence and online avatar continuously blur as the singer herself blends into AI-generated imagery. As the scene fades to black, one prevailing question remains: how does shifting technology shape or limit the vital connection to ourselves and each other?

With “Crazy-Trap,” Alya takes us deeper into her rich inner world, exposing contrasting versions of herself in sharp relief, yet all yearning for the same shared intimacy. This time, the scene is set with white padded walls symbolizing the psychological prison of constrained emotion that holds the singer captive. Taking on the various personalities at war within herself, Alya dances with her angels and demons, the light and dark that wrestles internally throughout every human’sexperience.

From the earliest days of humanity, it has been the artists and songwriters who have served as the keepers of these universal stories — the content creators who ground us in reality while calling us into a bigger vision of what’s possible. Myths and poems set to music pass from one generation to another, weaving together the very fabric that helps us make sense of our places and times. With “Crazy” and its reimagined “Crazy-Trap,” #alyatheartist once again takes up the sacred torch of creator, story teller and meaning maker, awakening us to the nuances of our engagement with “virtual” and “reality.”

Stream Alya’s “Crazy” and the “Crazy-Trap” remix now on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, and Deezer. Visit alyaofficial.com to learn more about the Russian-born pop artist. Follow @alya.michelson on Instagram and @alya.the.artist on TikTok for upcoming releases and insider features.

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