Nude woman fights with spiked club at Venice Beach – NBC Los Angeles


A bizarre altercation between two women at Venice Beach had onlookers do a double take earlier this week.

Video from the Southern California beach showed two women – one of them nude – using what appeared to be spiked clubs to fight one another on the boardwalk as people curiously watched. The naked woman wildly swung her weapon while the clothed woman pulled out her own bat from behind a trashcan, leading to what looked like a duel.

Phil Bouruqe, who works at a nearby store, captured footage of the brazen fight.

“Like, they were fighting and then people were gathering around watching,” he said of the crowd. “I mean, entertaining, that’s all I can say.”

At some point during the fight, the clothed woman threw her weapon, giving her nude opponent the chance to scoop it up and swing both of them in the air before strutting down the boardwalk.

“It looks like she was kind of winning,” Joe Ayala said of the unclothed woman.

Ayala said he’d seen her before drinking nearby and riding a bicycle along the beach. According to him, it isn’t unusual to see the woman nude.

“You have to remember that 85% of people out here have some kind of issue, some kind of trauma, or something that pushed them to like where their limits get exceeded,” he said.

Although the daytime duel caught the attention of several spectators, no calls were made to the police regarding the public fight and indecent exposure.

“Somebody should have stepped in, should have helped, but a lot of people were probably freaked out by a naked woman fighting,” Ayala said.

Ayala said he wasn’t surprised that the event went unreported.

“I mean, this is Venice. Snitches get stiches,” he joked.

A spokesperson for the Los Angeles Police Department said the crimes seen in the video are assault with a deadly weapon and indecent exposure. However, no report was filed with the department.

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