Stephen Colbert Calls Out Fox News’s Dumb Eclipse Coverage


Stephen Colbert mocked Fox News’s coverage where they tried to mix the eclipse with the border.

Colbert said, “Fox News decided to cover the story like this.”

The Late Show host played a Fox clip, “Fox News alert! A rare celestial event collides with a policy failure on the ground. The southern border will be directly in the path of totality today when the moon covers the sun. While everybody is going to be looking up, if you’re looking down here at the border, here is some of what you’re gonna see. You’ll see illegal immigrants dressed in dark clothing, sometimes camouflage, actively trying to sneak into the United States. The United States.”

Stephen Colbert replied, “Yes. Oh, yes, immigrants in dark clothing are using the eclipse to sneak across the border. They won’t get another opportunity like that…until night.”

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What kind of sprinter migrant is going to be able to cross the border in 3-4 minutes, and has Fox News never heard of lights? They do have lights along the border. It is not as if the world was plunged into unfathomable darkness and immigrants flooded over the border.

The Fox News coverage was dumb, but what was even worse was that there were people watching who believed what they were selling. The eclipse did not lead to a wave of illegal immigration.

Cable news coverage of the eclipse was wildly over the top, although not as silly as the breathless coverage of the New Jersey earthquake.

The coverage at Fox was idiotic, as the network showed once again why its viewers are the most uninformed news consumers in the entire country.

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