‘FBI’ & ‘Most Wanted’ Stars on Scola & Nina’s Latest Conflict — Is a Wedding in Their Future? (VIDEO)


[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for FBI Season 6 Episode 9 “Best Laid Plans.”]

There’s nothing like a dangerous undercover case to convince an agent that a couple flying to a friend’s wedding together isn’t too much of a risk. Such is the case for Scola (John Boyd) on FBI.

When the episode begins, Scola thinks he and Nina (Shantel VanSanten, crossing over from FBI: Most Wanted) should travel separately to a friend’s wedding rather than risk the lives of both of Dougie’s parents on the same flight. But as she points out, they both put their lives at risk at work—and then they end up doing just that on the same case, when one of her informants is connected to FBI‘s investigation. As a result, Scola and Nina go undercover together. After that, Scola decides he’s okay with them flying together to the wedding. And without that, he wouldn’t have reached that conclusion, Boyd tells TV Insider.

“After going through the case together and Scola’s partner saying, ‘This is who we are, if we’ve decided to take this job and raise a child and make the world better for him, we have to do what we have to do. And the life outside of that is separate. We have to have a normal life when we’re not doing that and we have to walk down sidewalks where things can fall on us. We have to go on airplanes where they can crash,’ I think that he learns through the case that he can do it because of his partner,” he says, as you can watch in our video interview above. “That’s something that they can do together and that’s just the nature of a relationship, which he’s still learning how to navigate.”

VanSanten disagrees and says Nina definitely would have been able to convince him otherwise. “She’s very headstrong and definitely doesn’t back down from her opinions,” she explains.

Disagreements like this one and the parenting styles can make or break a relationship, but they do seem to be making Scola and Nina’s stronger, both stars agree.

“They’ve overcome a lot and I think that that probably isn’t over,” says VanSanten. “I think they’re going to constantly be faced with lots of different adversities because of the job that they chose and the life they live, and in our world, two working parents have to overcome everyday adversities.”

Boyd agrees, adding, “What’s so cool about this universe is that we get to see these characters go through a case and what happens in the case changes the people that they are in the end.”

Of course, we can’t help but wonder if a wedding could be in their future—wouldn’t that be fun for a crossover event? “Listen, there was a very specific diamond that Nina noticed that she’s just hoping accidentally fell into Scola’s pocket,” VanSanten admits before teasing, “I think that that could be something. Maybe there’s bells on the horizon somewhere.”

But are they ready for a wedding, considering the conflict we’re seeing them navigating now? “No,” Boyd immediately says

Watch the full video interview above for VanSanten’s response as well as more from her and Boyd about Scola and Nina, the number one rule in the characters’ home, and what they’re enjoying most about playing a crossover romance.

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