Sturgill Simpson Once Again Has Fans Guessing At What The Countdown On His Website Is For


Should we get our hopes up again?

Earlier this month, country music fans got an unexpected jolt of excitement when Sturgill Simpson changed the homepage of his website to simply read “COMING SOON”.

Unfortunately, and a bit confusingly, it turned out to be nothing more than a 10-year anniversary re-release of Metamodern Sounds In Country Music, his groundbreaking 2014 album which featured songs that became staples of his repertoire such as “Turtles All The Way Down,” “Life Of Sin,” and “Long White Line.”

Fans were disappointed for it not to be a tour or new music announcement. The later would be a reversal of his prior statements saying that he would only put out 5 solo albums, but he’s still kicked around the idea of forming a band and has been popping up at some shows, both of which fuel our dreams of more music from Stu coming our way.

Well, if you’re an optimist like me, get excited because there’s been another change to Sturgill’s website that again has fans getting riled up.

A countdown was added to his homepage a few days ago signaling an announcement scheduled for tomorrow, April 23rd, at 10am ET. With the countdown now under 17 hours, more people are noticing and wondering out loud what might be in store for us.

Another fan also spotted a poster with a QR code to Sturgill’s website.

Could we be getting all worked up over a nothing burger like last time? Sure could.

But can this also be the start of a Sturgill summer? I’ll start celebrating right now if that’s the case…

Let’s crank a few tunes in the Dick Daddy’s honor today, shall we?

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