6 Best Suspenders For Jeans: Boost Your Fit & Style in 2024


I couldn’t fathom why, but suspenders are still being slept on by a lot of guys. I think they’re often unfairly dismissed by young men as being too “extra” for a casual fit and not extra enough for a suit. That couldn’t be further from the truth, and the best suspenders for jeans prove it.

If your wardrobe’s full of the best jeans brands out there, it’s tempting to slap them on and leave it at that. That said, tacking on some good suspenders changes the game entirely. These bad boys can do it all, from making you look younger and livelier to adding a hint of formality to your fit.

But which ones should you go for? There are loads of spectacular options out there, so we dug deep to bring you the six best options out today. Suspenders are the quintessential accessory to be rocking as a man, so don’t think twice!

Keep reading to discover the best men’s suspenders for jeans.

Key Takeaways

Sites have been visited, closets raided, and reviews read. The results are in. Dockers Men’s Suspenders are by far the best suspenders for jeans. Each color is more appealing than the last, the subtle touches of leather are beautiful, and the clips are premium quality.

For a more alternative, retro look, the RingSun Leather Suspenders are a great way to elevate a denim fit. They’re sturdy, easy to style, and not prone to sliding off in the slightest.

the dickies x-back suspender
oldshopkorat / Instagram

Dockers Men’s Solid Suspenders: best suspenders for jeans

Why they’re great: What better place to start with the best suspenders for jeans than with Dockers? I absolutely love the touch of leather where the straps meet in the back, and there’s even some at the clips.

Speaking of the silvery clips, these suspenders will not be sliding off, no matter the jeans you’re wearing. And let’s not even mention the durability of the polyester.

Who are these for? Available in five eye-popping colors, these puppies can go with just about any outfit. As for the design itself, you can rock these just as confidently at an office meeting as you could on a night out.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: I try very hard to find something to critique with these products, but I’m coming up short here. Some buyers have reported that the different colors feel different to the touch for some reason, but we can neither confirm nor deny this.

Material: 100% polyester | Type: Wide | Colors Available: 5

Man of Men Suspenders: best suspenders for jeans

Why they’re great: Man of Men is a gutsy name for a brand, but this one truly deserves it. For a low price, these incredible suspenders keep your jeans secure and look great while doing it. They’re also on that fine line between slim and wide, so I can even see these working with certain types of suits.

Who are these for? There are 17 colors and patterns to choose from, so these are a godsend if you have lots of different jean types. At this price, you can stockpile as many as possible to complete any zany outfit you might have. On color options alone, these qualify as some of the best suspenders for jeans.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: For my taste, some of these colors are a little too casual, but then again, that’s part of the appeal for some people.

I can’t imagine that I’d want purple straps at a meeting or anything, but these are jeans suspenders we’re talking about. If hot pink is your color of choice for a night in town, then more power to you.

Material: 100% Polyester | Type: Thin | Colors Available: 17

RingSun Leather Suspenders

Why they’re great: No matter your personal taste, these RingSun beauties look and feel top-shelf. Made of nothing but cowhide leather, they offer supreme durability and comfort. These are some of the best suspenders for jeans.

Not to mention, those high-grade clips won’t be sliding off, either. All in all, what Armani is to luxury suits, this beauty is to suspenders.

Who are these for? Anybody who’s into a slightly vintage look can pull these off. The cool thing about leather suspenders is that they work with any form of denim, from budget to high-end jeans. Plus, they look great on guys of all ages.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: These aren’t the longest suspenders in the world, so they tend to work better for short to average men. You can get around this with a pair of high-rise jeans, though.

Material: 100% cowhide leather | Type: Slim | Colors Available: 3

Dickies Men’s 1½ Inch Suspenders

Why they’re great: A good set of wide suspenders like this Dickies wonder product will never go out of style. I have a lot of good things to say about these, but the biggest selling point is probably the materials, namely cotton for comfort and rubber for added stretch.

As a side note, I absolutely adore the textured gray and navy picks since they offer a beautiful level of detail. They sit well within the realm of the best suspenders for jeans.

Who are these for? Equal part casual and fancy, these can work with suits and jeans alike. Some people don’t like the look of slim suspenders, so here’s a great option if you prefer things old-fashioned.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: It was a tough call picking between these and the Dockers for the number one spot. That said, a few buyers have reported that the clips can occasionally come undone with these. Far from a big deal, though.

Material: 57% cotton, 27% polyester, 16% rubber | Type: Wide | Colors Available: 6

Decalen Heavy Duty Suspenders

Why they’re great: Solid durability, nearly two dozen colors to choose from, and a reasonable price. What more could you want from a pair of men’s suspenders for jeans? Oh, I know, how about zero slip action and that timeless 1½-inch width? Needless to say, Decalen outdid themselves here.

Who are these for? If it’s security you’re after, these might just have the strongest clips out of anything on our list. Although they’re perfect for outings and social events, I’d also recommend them if you like to do heavy-duty work in your jeans.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: The one issue here is that these can get stretched out after a while. I’ve seen only a few reports of this happening, but it’s enough to warrant a disclaimer if you intend to use them for physical work.

Material: 74% polyester, 26% elastodiene | Type: Wide | Colors Available: 22

Levi’s Big & Tall Suspenders

Why they’re great: Makes sense that the masters of men’s denim would also be behind some of the best suspenders for jeans. If you’re big and tall, then you need these Levi’s suspenders in your arsenal. The elastomer allows these to adjust to about any body shape, and the cotton and polyester offer durability and snugness.

Who are these for? My high school growth spurt was short and sweet, but that’s not the case for everybody. This is the ultimate pick for large guys, especially if you have a belly and belts look a little unflattering on you.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: Hard to really call this a flaw, but these suspenders are pretty much just for big and tall guys. I’ve spoiled the rest of you with some fantastic picks, though, so no reason to complain.

Material: 59% Cotton, 22% Polyester, 19% Elastomer | Type: Wide | Colors Available: 1

a levi's suspender
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Buying Considerations for the Best Suspenders for Jeans


The rules aren’t set in stone or anything, but slimmer suspenders generally offer a more youthful, casual look. Wide suspenders (coming in at over 1 inch of width) are still the gold standard, though, and they’re fit for just about every occasion.


There’s an art to getting suspender colors right, and it depends mostly on your fit. For example, colors like red and black go great with white or bright-colored shirts. As for jeans, it’s usually a good idea to have them match your suspenders.


This one does depend on the occasion, but it still mostly comes down to taste. Stretchier materials like polyester or cotton are gentler on your body and offer a bit more comfort. On the other hand, leather suspenders have a more premium look to them, and you can wear them no matter the outfit.

man in a red checked shirt and black jeans with suspenders
solidleather / Instagram

How We Chose

The fashion industry is full of questionable marketing claims, and we have to sift through them on a daily basis. Every company promises the best products for the best price, and they very rarely deliver.

In choosing the best suspenders for jeans, we researched everything from company reputation to user reviews to narrow it down to six.

Company reputation: Does the company consistently make high-quality products? Brands with a good reputation are always more likely to make it onto my lists.

User satisfaction: Do buyers report positive experiences with a product? Website product descriptions are one thing, but user feedback is arguably even more important.

Price: Is the product fairly priced based on what it offers? We try to ensure that readers don’t get overcharged if more affordable products are available.

Transparency: Does the company let buyers know how their products are made and what they’re made of? If so, it’s a huge plus when we’re deciding on what to write about.

Why Trust Us?

Andrej Paskalov knows what makes a guy’s outfit pop, and his work for Fashionbeans proves it. Whether it’s DIY-looking jeans, short shorts, or tuxedo shirts, he’s done his homework across the board when it comes to menswear.

Not to mention, denim makes up the bulk of his wardrobe at this point, making him a trustworthy source for suspender recommendations. Trust in his carefully selected picks, tailored to enhance both the aesthetics and practicality of your wardrobe.

Final Verdict

And that concludes our list. We think that Dockers is behind the best men’s suspenders for jeans, thanks to their quality build, their beautiful design, and the security of the clips.


    • Not only is it okay to wear suspenders with jeans, it’s actually becoming one of the denim trends of the 2020s. Suspenders can add a lot of personality to a casual fit, not to mention they serve the practical purpose of holding your pants up!

      • You start by clipping (or buttoning) the back side of the suspenders to the rear end of your jeans. Then, put your jeans on and throw the straps of the suspenders over your shoulders. Finally, attach the front clips of the suspenders to your jeans.

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