‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Complain After Show Page Spoils Game


[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for the May 13 episode of Jeopardy!]

Unfortunately, fans who went to the official Jeopardy! website ahead of the May 13 episode had the outcome spoiled.

Facing off were data analyst Joyce Yang, elections worker Michael Richter, and the returning political organizer Will Stewart, a one-day champ with winnings of $25,601. But there was an error on Jeopardy.com the morning of May 13, with the game’s results and the May 14 lineup both already posted.

“I don’t ever remember Jeopardy posting results on their website before the match has aired anywhere,” one viewer noted on X. “They’ve already got Will Stewart moving onto Tuesday and shown 2nd/3rd place for Monday’s game.” See the screenshots in the post below.

Over on Reddit, fans noticed the same thing, leading them to wonder if the episode had already actually aired somewhere—it airs early in some markets—or if it was a mistake. “There appear to be a bunch of mistakes on the website this week,” one person noted. “Apparently Joyce (from todays game) and Chen (from Thursdays game) are mixed up? I’m not sure what happened this week.” That “major photo mix-up” was corrected.

One person said they sent in a message on the “contact us” form and added, “Usually, results are posted on that page at 11 pm Eastern, immediately after the last airings of the day’s game.”

Stewart did win the game, adding $18,700 to his total, after ending the Jeopardy! round in second and Double Jeopardy! with a runaway game: $18,600 to Yang’s $9,200, with Richter out ahead of Final Jeopardy! with -$400. Both Stewart and Yang got Final Jeopardy! correct, with Will adding $100.

Those in the comments section of the game’s thread talked all about the mix-up on the show’s site. “Dang Jeopardy.com for spoiling this game for me (accidentally of course),” one person wrote, but another didn’t seem to mind too much: “I know the website was a hot mess when I got up (I check the website, grab breakfast, then clock in), but I like Will so maybe it was a good thing!”

Were you spoiled for this game?

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