6 Best Chambray Shirts for Summer and Beyond in 2024


Chambray has been getting more and more attention in the men’s fashion world in the past couple of years. Everybody has been loving the laid-back appearance of the denim-like fabric, as well as its lightness and versatility.

Before we get into the recommendations, let me clear up the difference between denim and chambray real quick. Basically, chambray is made from the same materials as denim, but the threads are woven together differently. The different production method creates a fabric that looks like denim, but is much softer and thinner.

In this article, I’m going to recommend 6 of the best chambray shirts you can buy today. Any of these shirts will be a great addition to your summer wardrobe, but hold up in the fall and winter seasons as well.

Let’s get started!

Key Takeaways

Although many people who aren’t super plugged into men’s fashion are just starting to hear about Chambray, I’ve been a big fan for almost five years. That’s given me a lot of time to learn about what to look for and what to avoid when shopping for chambray and helped me come up with this list of the best chambray shirts for men.

The Billy Reid Chambray Pickwick Shirt is my top pick. I think it’s a modern classic, in the sense that you can’t really add anything or take anything away from it. It just is what it is.

I’ve also picked out some options that are on the top and bottom of the price range for men’s chambray shirts. Specifically, the GAP Men’s Long Sleeve Chambray is an affordable yet high-quality garment, and the Closed Cotton-Chambray Shirt is a luxurious take on this category.

man wearing a chambray shirt with a knitted tie
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Billy Reid Chambray Pickwick Shirt: best chambray shirts

Why it’s great: The Billy Reid Chambray Pickwick Shirt’s simple indigo color looks simple and functional, just like the best denim. It’s the perfect piece of clothing that can shine, whether it’s in the foreground or the background of an outfit.

Who is this for? I’d say this is the perfect shirt to wear unbuttoned over a T-shirt or undershirt, so this is a great choice if that’s one of the looks you’re going for.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: If you’re looking for a more explicitly ‘dressy’ version of a chambray shirt, then there are a few better options on this list for you.

Material: 96% Cotton, 14% Linen | Sizes: S–2XL | Colors: 1 | Care: Machine wash cold, hang to dry

Form & Thread Chambray Summer Workshirt

Why it’s great: The Form & Thread Chambray Summer Workshirt is a great short-sleeved polo take on the chambray shirt. It’s so soft and breathable that you can easily wear it on its own on a boiling day without getting sweaty.

Who is this for? If you’re someone who hates over-dressing for the temperature and wants a short-sleeved option in chambray, then this is the shirt for you.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: This is one of the best chambray shirts you can get. It’s a looser-fitting polo with slightly longer sleeves than usual. This helps give it its comfortable look, but it’s not tight enough to really show off your arms or shoulders.

Material: 100% Cotton | Sizes: S–3XL | Colors: 1 | Care: Machine wash

Forét Life Shirt - Chambray

Why it’s great: Once you know the difference between denim and chambray, it’s pretty easy to tell the difference between them by sight (and definitely by touch). But the Forét Life Shirt is a bit of an exception since its deep blue color and the wear on the edges mean that it really does look like medium wash denim.

Who is this for? This is one of the best chambray shirts you can get. It will fit right into your Canadian tuxedo look but helps keep you from feeling like you’re overloaded with thick, heavy, denim.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: If you really want to go for the classic denim shirt look but feel uncomfortable wearing any you try on, then this chambray shirt will solve your problem. But it’s not the right pick for someone who wants a chambray shirt that looks like chambray.  

Material: 60% Silk, 40% Cotton | Sizes: XS–2XL | Colors: 10 | Care: Hand Wash or Dry Clean

Closed Cotton-Chambray Shirt

Why it’s great: The Cotton-Chambray Shirt from Closed brings an air of sophistication and high fashion to this list of the best chambray shirts for men. From the large double pockets to the white stitching and mother-of-pearl buttons, you can tell that a lot of thought went into creating this product.

Who is this for? This is a great way to bring an informal feel to suit and sport jacket combos. I’ve even found that wearing a tie in it works to a tee.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: It’s cut to be a little tighter fitting than most of the other shirts on this list, but that does help it work well underneath various types of jackets.

Material: 100% Cotton | Sizes: XS–2XL | Colors: 1 | Care: Machine wash

GAP Men's Long Sleeve Chambray

Why it’s great: GAP’s take on the long sleeve chambray shirt doesn’t leave much on the table, despite its incredibly affordable price. The shirt’s relaxed fit is comfortable without looking awkwardly baggy or oversized. And, with its light wash, dark wash, and black wash options, you’re sure to find a color that suits your needs.

Who is this for? This is a great shirt to wear to the bar or other casual situations where you want to look great without putting in a ton of effort.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: The 100% cotton fabric is a little heavier than some of the other options on this list, which have materials like linen in addition to cotton.

Material: 100% Cotton | Sizes: XS–2XL | Colors: 3 | Care: Machine wash

J. Crew Mercantile Men's Classic Fit Long Sleeve Chambray Shirt

Why it’s great: J. Crew is a classic brand in the smart casual space, so you shouldn’t be surprised that one of their shirts is on this list. The Men’s Classic Fit Long Sleeve Chambray Shirt is a loose-fitting and comfortable option to have, great for hanging out on a patio or on a walk.

Who is this for? Those with an active lifestyle who want great clothes to match should go for this recommendation. It’s one of the best chambray shirts for men.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: I much prefer the light chambray version of this shirt, but you might like the deeper blue denim look of the medium wash version.

Material: 100% Cotton | Sizes: S–XL | Colors: 1 | Care: Machine wash

man in a denim trucker hat wearing a chambray shirt
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Buying Considerations for The Best Chambray Shirts For Men


You can get men’s chambray shirts made from materials that have lots of different qualities. Some chambray shirts are almost unbelievably soft and thin; others are much more hefty. That’s because, much like denim, you can produce chambray that varies greatly in its texture based on the thickness of fiber and pattern of weaving.

Ensure that you’re getting the sort of shirt you’re looking for by paying close attention to how the brand describes their fabric and reading customer reviews for an unbiased perspective.

Size & Fit

When it comes to the ideal size and fit for men’s chambray shirts, I’d usually advise going a bit larger than you usually would for a dress shirt (think: the opposite of athletic-fit or performance dress shirts).

Just like traditional denim, chambray shirts look much better when they’re loosely fitting and uncomfortable when they’re too tight. That’s why most of the shirts on this list are relaxed or standard cuts. It’s also why chambray shirts are a great option for larger dudes.

Color & Design

Whether you’re planning to wear your new chambray shirt open over a plain T-shirt or as a replacement for a more traditional dress shirt, you want to make sure that you’re buying a color and design that will work.

Some of the options on this list have a much more workmanlike feel, and others are incredibly refined. (I’m thinking about the Form & Thread Chambray Summer Workshirt and the Closed Cotton-Chambray Shirt.)

man wearing a suit over a chambray shirt
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How We Chose

Anyone putting together a list of the best chambray shirts has to be careful to avoid brands that are just trying to cash in on a trend by releasing lazy and low-quality chambray shirts.

Although chambray shirts usually come in simple designs, that makes all the little decisions even more important. And, like all the other articles on Fashion Beans, we considered a number of other factors when creating these recommendations, including:

Brand Reputation: I always look to brands that have a history of putting out high-quality and artfully designed clothes. Reputation is everything, as they say.

Customer Reviews: What customers who’ve bought a specific product think about it is one of the best sources of information you have when shopping online.

Price: I take a lot of pride in finding products that actually offer shoppers value for the money they’re spending on it.

Transparency: I know from experience that dealing with companies that aren’t clear and transparent about important things like their return policy, materials, and shipping costs is a pain.

Why Trust Us?

All of us here at FashionBeans have at least one or two chambray shirts in our wardrobe. For some of us, these shirts are important enough that we’ve started buying blazers and pants specifically to go with the denim-like fabric. That’s to say, we’re plugged into what’s going on in this category.

We tried out dozens of chambray shirts and reviewed over a hundred to prepare to write this article, and we’re all incredibly pleased with the 6 options we narrowed it down to. Hopefully, all the testing and debate that went into this list of the best chambray shirts for men has helped you find the perfect one for you.

Final Verdict 

After looking far and wide for the best chambray shirts, the editorial team and I all agreed on the top choice: the Billy Reid Chambray Pickwick Shirt. You can put on the delicate yet rugged shirt to go just about anywhere. But if any of the other entries on this list caught your eye, I’m sure you know where you’re going with it.


    • Chambray and denim are two different fabrics, though they are related. Both denim and chambray are made from weaving together a dyed yarn and a white yarn, but the way that the fibers is woven are different. Chambray is lighter and less rugged than denim as a result.

      • Yes, with enough wear and washes, chambray will fade in a similar way that denim does. Don’t expect it to be the exact same, though, as the different material properties of chambray mean that it will fade and wear slightly differently.

        • Chambray is made from the same materials as denim, which means that it isn’t the most expensive fabric out there.

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