‘Hot Ones’ Premieres With Chris Hemsworth, Teases ‘Fire’ Guest List


Chris Hemsworth will be playing the ferocious warlord Dementos in the upcoming Mad Max: Fury Road prequel Furiosa, but even he might be no match for the new lineup of spicy wings in Hot Ones.

Hemsworth will be the first guest of the Season 24 premiere of Hot Ones, joining host Sean Evans as the two attempt to tackle an all-new lineup of fiery wings.

In an exclusive clip shared with Rolling Stone, the Furiosa star almost makes the cardinal mistake of touching his eyes when fighting his way through a particularly spicy wing and trying to answer a question about the 2016 win of his Australian football team.


“While fans might still be reeling from Conan’s chaotic Hot Ones finale — complete with hot-sauce chugging, milk spewing, and questionable but very affordable medical advice — we’re looking forward to raising the bar even higher with Season 24,” Evans tells Rolling Stone. “Chris Hemsworth is another guest fans have been requesting forever, and it’s just the beginning of what feels like a summer blockbuster-style season with some names that bring serious fire power.”

Launched in 2015, Hot Ones has become a go-to stopping point for celebrities to answer off-the-wall questions about upcoming projects, all while trying to conquer increasingly spicy chicken wings. The show has released over 300 episodes featuring actors like Barry Keoghan, Pedro Pascal, and Lewis Capaldi, and received two Daytime Emmy Award nominations. During Super Bowl LVIII, Rolling Stone caught up with Evans to discuss the skyrocketing popularity of the show — a large portion of which people attribute to Evans’ unique interviewing style.

“There’s [a lot] of armchair psychology involved,” Evans said. “To tell you the truth, I’m in love with the process. I like walking a mile in someone else’s shoes for a little bit, and just marinating and whatever they do. So it’s that sort of step-by-step process that is my drug and my obsession and the pathological pull that’s allowed me to do 23 seasons of this show. I just really love it.”

Since Hot Ones has become one of the biggest digital talk shows online — with a recent SNL skit cementing its status — Evans has remained proud of how the series has grown. But as the show approaches its 10-year milestone, the host is hopeful that more mainstream institutions will recognize its impact.


“We’re coming up on 10 incredible years of Hot Ones, and more than 3 billion lifetime views. Against the odds, our humble chicken-wing talk show has not only become a staple in fans’ lives, but also grown into its own pop-culture institution on YouTube,” Evans adds. “The impact keeps growing — from parodies on SNL, to two Daytime Emmy nominations, and hopefully a Primetime nomination in the near future.”

Season 24 of Hot Ones premieres on May 23 at 11 a.m. ET on YouTube.

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