Rep. Jasmine Crockett Outs Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Racism On National TV


Rep. Jasmine Crockett (D-TX) explained on CNN why Marjorie Taylor Greene’s attack on her was racist and the racism of MAGA.

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Rep. Crockett said when CNN’s Jake Tapper asked her to explain why she thought that  Greene’s comments were racist, “I think her specifically doing it to me. Yes, that was the intent. As has been stated, you know, women wear makeup, we wear lashes, we wear all types of things to beautify ourselves. But MAGA has historically been on social media doing the things where they’re saying, oh she’s black with um lashes and nails and hair. And so she’s ghetto. And so to me, this was her buying into that rhetoric and trying to amplify this for the MAGA crowd. And so yeah, I absolutely think that she only did it to be racist towards me.”

Tapper asked, “Because it was towards you or because it was eyelashes. So in that sense, it’s kind of like in your view, buying into a racist trope?”

Rep. Crockett responded, “It is buying into a racist trope. But the reality is that women of all colors wear lashes, right?”


I like the way Jake Tapper handed those questions. Tapper is not black or a woman, so he doesn’t know what racism toward black women is like. He said from the beginning of the interview that he wanted to understand her perspective.

The key point that Rep. Crockett raised was something that is hardly ever discussed on cable news, and that is the racism that the beating heart of MAGA. Trump’s MAGA movement runs on racism. It has done so since the day the ex-president came down that escalator in Trump Tower and gave a speech where he called Mexicans murderers and rapists.

MAGA is built on racism, and Marjorie Taylor Greene was playing into that racism, and more Democrats need to follow the lead of Rep. Crockett and call it out in the media when they get the chance to do so.

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