Trump Demands Case Be Dismissed As He Whines About Being Cold


Donald Trump must think that being the GOP nominee makes him immune from prosecution, as he demanded that Judge Merchan drop the criminal case.

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Trump said, “This case should be dropped by the judge. I think the judge if you did that would to gain the respect back. We have to the either the the appellate court step and something has to happen. Think of it. The Republican Party, one of the two great parties nominate somebody to be their candidate and that candidate now has been sitting here for almost five weeks in a freezing cold ice box listening to this stuff.”


The idea that Trump would be out campaigning is hilarious, because he hasn’t held more than one campaign event a week since last year. Donald Trump could be out campaigning every single day after court ended. He’s got a plane. Trump is choosing not campaign because he doesn’t want to. Trump hasn’t shown any energy for campaign since he arrived at the White House in 2017.

It looks like the criminal trial probably has at least until sometime next week left in it, and it may go for longer depending on when the jury gets the case, so somebody should bring Trump a blanket, some mittens, and maybe a pillow for his naps in court, because Grandpa Criminal is complaining about the cold again.

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