FBI Season 6 Episode 13 Review: Ring of Fire


This made sense as a season finale.

The team, especially Tiffany, got justice (revenge) for Hobbs on FBI Season 6 Episode 13.

The more significant news was that Maggie returned from her forced hiatus for the finale.

This was good because the squad isn’t the same when she’s away for whatever reason.

In reality, she was only gone for FBI Season 6 Episode 12. It just seemed longer.

Maggie appeared to have made a smooth transition into motherhood.

We even saw Ella onscreen as she played with her cousin, the daughter of Jess’s estranged brother.

Wouldn’t social services have checked if Jess’s relatives would be willing to take in Ella? Maggie spent her missing time in Ohio with Ella’s grandparents. Now, a brother has been located, one with a daughter around Ella’s age.

Wouldn’t any of those have been a better option than a career-minded FBI agent who would need to leave Ella with a nanny/babysitter for long hours?

Then again, having a working mother who can do it all sends out a positive message.

Well, everything but romance. Her changed situation gives her an excuse not to date. Someone who carries and is a single mother has two strikes against her right off the bat in the dating pool.

 Plus, Maggie offers what’s on her mind to anybody: Skels, coworkers, bosses. Why would it be any different for her date?

Maggie’s role as a single mother is definitely a storyline that needs to be explored more fully during a full Season 7. There simply wasn’t any time to do much with it during this shortened season.

Maggie seemed happy to be back at work. Returning to a job can bring relief from parenting, even when people are shooting at you. 

The team tackled a case that just got stranger and stranger, at least until the Somali terrorists entered into the picture.

First, how did a murdered truck driver rate an FBI investigation? Because it involved interstate commerce, maybe.

In any event, things got curiouser when the team determined that the truck driver was operating under a fake name and had been thought KIA under his real name five years prior, according to his military buddy who had been ignored by him recently.

Equally odd was the only person Ward had been calling and her car got blown up, somehow.

Things got really interesting when they found the connection between this pair, who appeared to be strangers: They were CIA officers.

They got that confirmation from Jack Wagner, another CIA officer, who was the most enjoyable part of this episode.

Isn’t it amazing that, for an agency supposedly working overseas, how many CIA officers run into municipal and federal law-enforcement agents in this country?

It was hilarious watching Wagner proclaim how little he knew. Yet he still handed the FBI more information relevant to their case than they had compiled themselves. Wouldn’t he make a great recurring character?

At least the squad then knew they had dangerous ordnance on the street related to the two bodies about which they already knew.

Their most significant break came when the weapons designer whose company manufactured the grenade was killed, and Hakim, the Somali terrorist, was captured on surveillance.

That’s when this episode really took off. This was the man who had killed Hobbs way back on FBI Season 6 Episode 1. He was the closest thing this season had to a boogeyman.

Tiffany has been blaming herself following Hobbs’ death. Some of that guilt was earned since she was the one who forced him to go into the men’s room after Hakim against his better judgment.

Then, on FBI Season 6 Episode 8, Tiffany was overzealous at the mention of Somali terrorists resurfacing, leading her teammates and especially her bosses to question whether she was mentally fit to be in the field.

On the next episode, Tiffany nonchalantly told Scola she was seeing a psychologist and working through her guilt. I guess having everyone on her team tell her she wasn’t responsible wasn’t enough validation. She needed it from a professional.

But now it was clear that Tiffany hadn’t buried her guilt all that deeply during the intervening weeks. 

Instead, Tiffany was back to gunning for Hakim and dragging her teammates into unnecessary danger.

First was the house boobytrapped with automatic weapons rigged to go off whenever someone began to open the door. Both pairs were lucky not to have gotten cut in half.

They went inside without waiting for SWAT, primarily at Tiffany’s insistence. It’s little wonder that Jubal ventured into the field to be sure she was in the right headspace.

At the second hideout, they breached again, this time with SWAT in tow. Maggie was wise to sideline Tiffany by leaving her at the rear to monitor heat signatures.

Then came the Somali grenade attack on the reception at a Westchester mansion. Sure, the first two grenades did substantial damage. But it could have been so much worse if the FBI hadn’t been there.

OA and Scola had to kill the secondary terrorist, which left Tiffany and Maggie to chase down Hakim.

Hakim had a bandolier of grenades around his body. So, what did it matter if he had a gun? Still, her uncertain teammates were glad it turned up because they weren’t sure at first if Tiffany’s killing was a righteous one.

It will be intriguing to see if Tiffany bounces back to being the same steady agent she was before Hobbs’ death again next season.

Are you glad that at least the Somali terrorist storyline got tied up this season?

What do you think of Maggie as a mother?

Will Tiffany come back stronger than ever next season?

Comment below.

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