Broke Trump’s Bronx Rally Was An Embarrassing Tech Disaster


Donald Trump tried to hold a rally in the Bronx, but given that his lawyers take a large portion of campaign contributions, Trump’s rally has been full of audio and video issues.

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Here is an example of the video from Trump’s rally:

C-SPAN had to cut away from live video coverage of Trump’s rally because the signal from the feed was so poor that it dropped. These are the sorts of issues that didn’t plague Trump’s previous campaigns because the candidate had money.

Trump’s style has always been tacky, but he does understand video presentation, and these problems didn’t happen when he was spending money on these rallies. In 2024, Trump is using public places, smaller, and cheaper venues, and those places may not have the technological infrastructure to handle broadcasting a presidential campaign rally.

As long as Trump has to keep paying criminal defense lawyers, these tech issues may continue or worsen. There is another problem with Trump’s campaign presentation in 2024. Compared to the Biden-Harris campaign, Trump’s campaign looks cheap and inferior. This wasn’t the case in 2016, or 2020, but the Trump campaign’s financial woes are making themselves known and visible to the American people.

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