Tyler Childers & Chris Stapleton’s Duet Of “Follow You To Virgie” Is Country Music At Its Best


What is better than seeing Chris Stapleton or Tyler Childers perform? I’ll tell you what is… watching Chris Stapleton AND Tyler Childers perform together.

The duo got together for what was called Kentucky Rising back in October of 2022, which was a benefit concert for those in the state of Kentucky who were affected by major flooding.

Stapleton, whose hometown is Staffordsville, Kentucky, and Tyler Childers, originally from Lawrence County, Kentucky, came together with other artists from the region to help raise money for those in need.

There were many duets throughout the night, but none could top the singing power of Chris Stapleton and Tyler Childers together. They decided to sing one of Childers’ lesser known but incredibly touching songs, “Follow You To Virgie.”

The decision to play the song, which plays so well for both artists, was a phenomenal choice. The pair had the crowd at Rupp Arena in Lexington, Kentucky right where they wanted them for the duration of the duet.

Tell me… does country music get better than this?


Childers opens the song, and Stapleton’s supporting vocals slowly turn into leading vocals during his additions in the chorus. Stapleton has the vocal ability to show up just about anyone on stage, no matter whose song they’re singing, but he always carefully chooses his spots to let it rip.

The visual of the spotlight hitting the two guitar-wielding country stars is almost just as good as the performance itself. Childers leads and Stapleton supports, and if you have an 8-time Grammy-winner on supporting vocals, you’ve got a hell of a song.

I think all country music fans wouldn’t mind to see Childers and Stapleton collaborate again (as soon as possible). Even a studio recording of this performance would be fine with me.

And here’s a look at the original, which for my money, is one of the best in Childers’ expansive catalog.

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