Tracy Lawrence Performs Memorial Day Tribute Featuring His 2019 Song “Made In America”


90’s country star Tracy Lawrence knows how to properly celebrate Memorial Day.

It might not be fair to just label Lawrence as a “90’s star” considering he’s continually put out new music well past that great decade. The “Time Marches On” singer even has a new EP coming out on June 7th, and he’s already released the lead single from the project.

His newest song, “Pretty Dang Good,” sounds different than most of the other tracks he’s known for, but that’s not all bad. Artists often try to change their sound, sometimes from album to album. And since Tracy Lawrence is showing no signs of slowing down, he might as well get outside of his comfort zone while he’s at it.

He was very much inside his comfort zone when he posted this video earlier today in honor of Memorial Day. Lawrence leaned on the title track from his latest album Made In America in order to recognize all of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice fighting for our freedoms.

Tracy shared a message along with the video of his performance of “Made In America,” which read:

Dedicating this one to the brave men & women who have lost their lives fighting for our great country this Memorial Day. Thank you for your service and your sacrifice.”

Tracy Lawrence has still got it.

What a fitting song to sing in honor of the brave men and women who have served and gave their lives for the United States of America. The best way I’ve ever heard the sacrifice described is “all gave some, some gave all.” Lawrence’s song (especially the chorus) echos that:

“It’s who we areIt’s what we loveIt’s what we do.

It’s a heart full of prideStars and stripesRed, white, and blue.

It’s standing your groundNot backing down and never giving upMade in America.”

So on this Memorial Day, as you are likely throwing back beverages of your choice, make sure to remember what the day is actually for. A great way to do that is by cueing up “Made In America” by Tracy Lawrence.

You can fire up the whole song below:


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