8 Best Men’s Shoes for Bunions: Safeguard Your Toes in 2024

8 Best Men’s Shoes for Bunions: Safeguard Your Toes in 2024


According to research, approximately 23 percent of American adults aged 18 to 65 have bunions. Ill-fitting shoes, particularly around the toe box, are deemed one of the main causes.

The good news is, better footwear choices can help alleviate pain and finally get rid of that nagging sensation that’s been desperately trying to ruin your day.

Keep reading as I seek out the best men’s shoes for bunions that won’t squish your toes or kill your vibe.

Key Takeaways 

In the name of foot-friendly fashion, I’ve spent the past few weeks diving deep into ratings, reviews, and forums to find the best men’s shoes for bunions.

What started as a list as long as my arm has been narrowed down to eight standouts including Cariuma’s Oca Low and Velasca’s Patanòt. Each podiatrist-pleasing option has been picked for not only its appearance but also its ability to accommodate, support, and cushion your sore bones.

man wearing a pair of new balance arishi v4 sneakers
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Cariuma Oca Low Canvas Sneakers: best men's shoes for bunions

Why they’re great: Thanks to a spacious toe box, soft canvas upper, and squishy memory foam, the Oca Low sneakers are perfect for guys with bunions. Packed with sustainable features, including recycled laces and 100% vegan insoles, they’re the kind of everyday sneakers you can wear while traveling, walking, or standing for long periods.

A popular choice amongst Cariuma customers, they’ve been reviewed more than 11,000 times with an average rating of 4.75. I noticed that they received plenty of top marks for comfort, support, and accommodation for wide feet. All of that makes them the best men’s shoes for bunions.

Who are these for? Most sneakers suitable for bunions often come in the mold of running shoes, which aren’t always the best option to wear at the weekend with jeans and a casual shirt. These are a stylish alternative that can be worn with everything from denim to sweatpants.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: Though they can be worn year-round, they do feel more like a summer shoe than something you’d wear during the winter.

Material: 100% Organic Cotton | Sole Material: 100% Rubber | Sizes Available: 4–12 | Colors Available: 10+ | Style: Sneakers

Velasca Patanòt Sneakers

Why they’re great: Offering generous wiggle room for your toes and a soft landing with every step, these Velasca sneakers tick a lot of boxes for blokes with bunions. They also happen to look the part thanks to a smooth, streamlined suede upper and contrasting rubber sole.

These are some of the best men’s shoes for bunions. You’ll wear them regularly in the summer, particularly when wanting to look smart but not stuffy, and they’ll style well with everything from chinos and linen shirts to jeans and polos.

Who are these for? A great smart-casual choice, the timeless design will appeal to most. They’re probably best suited to guys who are starting to show the first signs of a bunion, therefore require something more comfortable and accommodating than what they currently wear.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: For severe bunions, you may find that you need a style that’s even wider.

Material: 100% Suede | Sole Material: 100% Rubber | Sizes Available: 5–13 | Colors Available: 5 | Style: Sneakers

Whitin Barefoot Sneakers

Why they’re great: When it comes to buying shoes on a budget, sacrifices usually have to be made. You may have to put up with some form of discomfort or settle on sneakers that lack a certain je ne sais quoi. Well, not on my watch, friend.

These kicks are designed to mimic the natural way of walking, allowing your toes to spread and give you the feeling of wearing nothing at all. Furthermore, they encourage a natural posture while strengthening leg muscles and reducing fatigue—it’s basically like taking your personal podiatrist with you wherever you go.

Who are these for? Flexible and lightweight with a zero-drop sole, these are a winner for guys with bunions who are looking for a casual sneaker that feels unrestricted and offers natural movement of the foot. They’re also great for those with wide feet.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: Admittedly, there’s better-looking footwear out there. Though they certainly won’t compare when it comes to being the best men’s shoes for bunions.

Material: 100% Knit | Sole Material: 100% Rubber | Sizes Available: 7–14 | Colors Available: 11 | Style: Sneakers

New Balance Fresh Foam Arishi V4 Sneakers

Why they’re great: Comfortable, durable, and plenty wide enough for bunions, this one proves that New Balance has come up trumps with a running shoe that conveniently doubles up as a great everyday sneaker.

Boasting a breathable, lightweight mesh upper and durable rubber outsole, it’s finished with excellent midsole cushioning that provides a plush underfoot feel. Whether you wear them for pounding the pavement or running daily errands, you won’t have to worry about your feet making it through the day.

Who are these for? Though they’re obviously designed for running, there’s no reason why you can’t treat them like any other pair of sneakers; your feet and bunions will thank you for it. Having said that, don’t try to dress them up too much.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: These are among the best men’s shoes for bunions. With them on, however, your styling options are somewhat limited. You can definitely get away with wearing them with jeans and a crew neck sweatshirt, but they shouldn’t be anywhere near smart slacks or suits (they’re not dress shoes).

Material: 100% Mesh | Sole Material: 100% Rubber | Sizes Available: 7–15 | Colors Available: 10+ | Style: Running Sneakers

FitVille Extra Wide Sneakers

Why they’re great: They may look like just another sneaker, but this pair by FitVille has been specifically designed to relieve foot pain, maximize comfort, and reduce fatigue.

Featuring one of the widest toe boxes I’ve come across, they also come with plenty of cushioning and patented dual-density soles that support your entire body while walking (which will come in particularly handy if you’re on your feet all day).

They’ve been given the five-star seal of approval by thousands of happy customers who give them top marks for quality, appearance, and value for money.

Who are these for? Undoubtedly one of the best men’s shoes for bunions, these are going to be an attractive choice for anyone who requires proper support and plenty of room in the toe box.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: The lacing system can feel a bit tight at first, but it will loosen up over time.

Material: Suede/Mesh | Sole Material: 100% Rubber | Sizes Available: 7.5–16 | Colors Available: 5 | Style: Sneakers

Orthofeet Orthopedic Knit Lava Sneakers

Why they’re great: Admittedly, I hadn’t heard much about Orthofeet until now—checking them out only after a recommendation from a doctor friend. The verdict is good. Great, even.

In fact, it turns out the Lava sneaker is one of the leaders in bunion-friendly footwear, boasting a variety of features that are designed to optimize comfort without sacrificing style.

These are among the best men’s shoes for bunions. For starters, the stretchy fabric will conform to the shape of your feet, and the wide toe box has enough space for bunions; there’s even an orthotic insole to enhance arch support and reduce pressure at the heel and ball of your foot.

Who are these for? A must-have for all sorts of foot-related problems, from bunions and plantar fasciitis to overpronation and flat feet, these are full of pain relief tech that’ll keep your trotters happy.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: They’re firmly in the casual sneaker category, so styling opportunities are limited.

Material: 100% Knit | Sole Material: 100% Rubber | Sizes Available: 7–14 | Colors Available: 3 | Style: Sneakers

best men's shoes for bunions: Bruno Marc Casual Dress Shoes

Why they’re great: A lot of dress shoes tend to be quite stiff and narrow, which can make finding something suitable for bunions really hard. Luckily, I’ve found a pair from Bruno Marc that is smart as well as roomy.

Available in regular and wide fit, they come with a rounded Derby-style toe box and a pillowy-soft memory foam footbed that gives them the kind of comfort you’d expect from a sneaker. I’m giving them bonus points for the soles, which provide impressive traction on slippery surfaces.

Who are these for? These are the best men’s shoes for bunions when you need to up the formality and minimize discomfort. Plus, thanks to the breathable lining, you can wear them year-round without your feet getting too hot.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: These guys can be a little squeaky. Hot tip: sometimes, a slither of vaseline to the noisy area can get rid of the noise.

Material: 100% PU | Sole Material: 100% Thermoplastic Elastomer | Sizes Available: 6.5–13 | Colors Available: 4 | Style: Casual Dress Shoes

Birkenstock Arizona Sandals

Why they’re great: They are not just supportive; Birkenstocks have a wider-than-average footbed, which is great news for bunions. They’ll also mold to your feet over time, and the straps can be adjusted to create extra space.

This particular pair is made from unique oiled leather that’ll age gracefully and bring character to a plethora of looks, whether wearing them around the house or as your go-to summer sandals.

Who are these for? Versatile and seriously comfortable, the Arizona is popular worldwide for a reason. They’ll be your first choice when it’s hot outside and probably even when it’s not.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: These are some of the best men’s shoes for bunions. However, if your bunion is large and especially tender, then any type of sandal with a strap might cause slight irritation.

Material: 100% Leather | Sole Material: 100% EVA | Sizes Available: 6–17.5 | Colors Available: 5 | Style: Sandals

man wearing a pair of birkenstock arizona sandals
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Buying Considerations for The Best Men’s Shoes For Bunions

Toe Box

Look for shoes with a spacious toe box that allows your toes to spread naturally. This extra room helps reduce pressure on your bunions and prevents further irritation. Avoid narrow or pointed shoes, which can exacerbate the problem.

Support & Cushioning

Though cushioning or arch support doesn’t directly fix bunion pain, they can help to distribute weight evenly across your foot. This, in turn, will reduce strain on the bunion area. You may also want to consider shoes with removable insoles so you can customize the fit with orthotics if needed.


Opt for shoes made from soft, flexible materials like leather or mesh. These materials can conform to the shape of your foot and reduce friction, which is essential for avoiding blisters and discomfort around bunions. Avoid overly stiff or rigid fabrics that cause unnecessary pressure and pain.

man sitting on a chair wearing a pair of white sneakers by cariuma
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How We Chose

Independent testing, expert advice, and online reviews were all used to help me find the best men’s shoes for bunions. I also spoke to friends, family, and colleagues that have bunions to get a better understanding of what works for them and what doesn’t.

Once I was able to decide on which footwear was up to the job, I judged each pair thoroughly using the below criteria:

Comfort: Comfort is key when looking for the best men’s shoes for bunions. I evaluated each pair for features like a wide toe box, sufficient arch support, and ample cushioning. Shoes made from soft, flexible materials were also given higher marks, as they help to reduce friction and pressure on the bunion area.

Style: Just because a shoe is functional doesn’t mean it can’t be nice to look at. I prioritized footwear that was stylish as well as comfortable. The goal was to find shoes that you’d be proud to wear, not just tolerate.

Customer Satisfaction: Online reviews were invaluable in this process. I delved into what real users had to say about their experiences, focusing on feedback from people with bunions. Only shoes that received consistently high ratings and positive comments about their comfort and fit were considered.

Price: Although comfort and style are crucial, price was also a consideration. The best men’s shoes for bunions are those that offer value for money, balancing quality with affordability. Designs across different price ranges were evaluated to provide options that cater to various budgets.

Why Trust Us?

Menswear expert Billy Webb has been working tirelessly on this guide for weeks, and has already written hundreds of FashionBeans’ guides including must-have footwear for large guys and the razors needed to improve your shaving. He has also had articles published for many of the industry’s biggest publications.

Never afraid to ask for assistance, for this particular piece, Billy has consulted health experts, shoe specialists, and friends and family to find the best men’s shoes for bunions. Using his experience, journalistic skills, and passion for helping others, he has meticulously curated a list that balances comfort, style, and value.

With an unwavering commitment to quality and detail, Billy ensures that every recommendation he makes is backed by thorough research and real-world testing.

Final Verdict

For all-round foot satisfaction, everyday style, and impressive versatility, Cariuma’s Oca Low sneakers are the best men’s shoes for bunions. Featuring a flexible canvas upper, spacious toe box, and memory foam insole, this shoe has a sustainably made design that will minimize pain and instantly upgrade your smart-casual options.


    • For anyone with bunions, shoes with a wide toe box, good arch support, and ample cushioning are essential. You should also opt for footwear made from soft, flexible materials like leather or mesh to minimize pressure and friction on the problem area.

      • Being barefoot can be beneficial for bunions in certain situations, as it allows the toes to spread naturally and reduces pressure on a bunion. However, this is most effective on soft, natural surfaces like grass or sand. On harder surfaces, walking barefoot can actually exacerbate discomfort and pain due to lack of support and cushioning.

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