Why It’s Okay To Own a Pagani Design GMT Homage Watch

Why It’s Okay To Own a Pagani Design GMT Homage Watch


If you’re not quite ready to spend thousands on a Rolex GMT or you’re just getting into watches, a Pagani Design GMT homage watch might be a great option.

I’ll explore why it’s perfectly okay to own an homage piece like the Pagani Design GMT.

Key Takeaways

  • It’s okay to own a Pagani Design GMT homage watch, especially if you’re not ready to spend big bucks on the real deal.
  • Homage watches allow you to experience the look and feel of iconic watches at a fraction of the cost.
  • Pagani Design GMT watches are well-built for the price point, with satisfying bezels and nice finishing.
  • Homages are not replicas—they have their own branding and are not trying to deceive anyone.
  • Buy what you like, even if it’s an homage, and enjoy it as a stepping stone to your grail watch.

Pros and Cons of Owning a Pagani Design GMT Homage Watch


  • Affordable way to experience the style of a luxury GMT watch.
  • Well-constructed for the price, with solid finishing and satisfying bezel action.
  • Allows you to explore your preferences before investing in a more expensive watch.
  • Can serve as a fun, aspirational piece while working towards the real deal.
  • Suitable for those just getting into the watch hobby or looking for a budget-friendly automatic watch.

  • Lacks the same level of finishing, details, and refinement as the genuine luxury watch.
  • Some dimensions, like the bezel, may be slightly inflated compared to the original.
  • GMT function operates differently than some high-end GMT watches (as a caller GMT).
  • May not satisfy those seeking the exact look and feel of the real thing.
  • Could be seen as a “gateway watch” leading to more expensive purchases in the future.
a Pagani Design Watch GMT Black and Blue

Why Consider an Homage Watch?

There are several reasons why you would even consider purchasing an homage piece:

1. Affordability

If you’re aspiring to own a luxury GMT watch one day but want to get your feet wet with a similar style, a Pagani Design GMT is a great way to experience the look and feel without the high price tag.

2. Exploring your preferences

Some people don’t really like the aesthetics of certain entry-level dive watches. If you love the way a Submariner looks but can’t afford one, an homage watch offers a close representation of that style.

3. Aspirational piece

A Pagani Design GMT can serve as a stepping stone watch to the real thing, allowing you to enjoy a similar design while working towards your grail watch.

The Difference Between Homages and Replicas

It’s important to note that homage pieces are not there to fool anyone. They have a clear logo on the dial, like “Pagani Design.”

Yes, from a distance, it may resemble a luxury GMT watch, but the person choosing to wear a Pagani Design GMT likely knows it’s an homage.

Side by Side Comparison Pagani Design GMT And Rolex GMT

What bothers me more is seeing a really bad replica out in the wild. It’s disappointing, especially as a watch enthusiast, to see these replicas posing as the real thing.

My Take on Homage Watches

Personally, I’ve never owned an homage piece. Seeing a Pagani Design GMT or similar homage out in the wild doesn’t bother me at all.

However, in the back of my mind, I know it won’t have the same level of finishing and details as the genuine article. That’s just my personal take on homage pieces.

Clicky Bezel

For me, I can’t imagine wearing an homage because I know it won’t truly represent what the real deal feels like on the wrist.

Hands-On with the Pagani Design GMTs

I recently picked up the Pagani Design Pepsi and Batman GMTs out of curiosity. At first glance, I was pretty impressed. They’re well-built watches for the price point. On the wrist, the dimensions are almost there, though a bit inflated in some areas like the bezel. The finishing isn’t as sharp as the luxury watches they pay homage to, but it’s still surprisingly nice for a watch at this price point.

Wearing the Pagani Design GMT pepsi

A few things that stood out to me:

  • The bracelet isn’t as refined, but that’s expected at this tier.
  • The 120-click unidirectional bezel has a satisfying action.
  • Polished and brushed surfaces are well-executed for a homage watch.
  • GMT function operates as a caller GMT, which is common for watches in this category.

Video Review


If you’re just getting into the world of watches, this is one of the best times to experiment with what you like. If you don’t have access to try on the real deal, a Pagani Design watch could be a great option. Even if you’re not a watch enthusiast but just want an affordable automatic watch that looks like an iconic GMT, a Pagani Design GMT could be a good choice. In the end, buy what you like, even if it’s an homage.

Enjoy it!

A Pagani Design GMT could be a stepping stone to the real thing. As long as you stay away from replicas, I think it’s totally okay to buy these homage watches. I hope this isn’t your gateway watch into the madness of this wonderful watch world we’re all into!

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